SPRING (short, 2019)

LOGLINE: Two predatory and adventurous young girls become prey when an ATV adventure in rural Vermont goes terribly wrong.

STATUS: In production.

SUMMARY: Regan sees herself as one of the boys: strong, all-American, pre-pubescent in the spring of 2000. On a lazy Saturday on her family’s farm in Vermont, she’s finishing up painting her parents’ barn with the slogan ‘Take Back Vermont’ to refute the state’s new pro-gay legislation. Afterwards, she and her similarly adventurous friend Cleo go snake hunting on her family’s ATV. The most they catch are milk snakes, until Regan ventures beyond the farm’s limits to an abandoned quarry — where an accident finds them in the midst of a predatory timber rattlesnake. The predators become prey as they realize they are ill-prepared for their new reality. With Cleo immobilized and Regan suffering a venomous snake bite, the two reckon with their inflated senses of dominance, masculinity, and power. To help each other, and return to safety, they must shed the veneer of the prohibitive elements of their adolescent identities and accept strength in vulnerability and intimacy.

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